How are we going to do that exactly?

Well, whether you’re a seasoned travel agency owner, a dedicated travel content creator, someone looking to break into this thriving industry for the first time, or somewhere in-between, we’re here to educate and inspire you with unique marketing guidance, modern tools and templates, and the support and partnerships to help tie it all together. We’re here to help you stand out without standing alone.

So, who are you?


GET The Real Deal

We’re an independently owned association – so our information is unfiltered and always unbiased.


find new partnerships

We’re made up of well-connected industry experts who can help you gain the skills you need to grow.

talk the talk

We’ll make sure you know what you’re talking about in your marketing and your planning (even if you don’t yet).


stop looking like everyone else

All memberships come with immediate access to unique and different tools, content, and templates.

de-mystify marketing strategy

You’ll learn to drive new leads to your travel agency. Or why travel advisors aren’t responding to your marketing.

improve your content

We’ve got all of the images, videos, documents, and other creative assets to help your marketing look its best.


What Does the Future Hold for Irresponsible Travel Influencers?

The stakes are increasing rapidly for those seeking a profitable, sound career in travel content creation. There is a theme emerging, that is beginning to tarnish the term "influencer" and make the marketing relationship between travel influencers and travel brands...

September Webinar Schedule

We've got some incredible topics to make back to school month fresh and exciting for you!  Introduction to Lead Magnets Thursday September 19th1:00 PM EST Get the information you need to start using one of the most effective marketing techniques out...

Who Joins TIMA?

Our membership is made up of a pretty diverse crowd, with one thing in common: they all want to be better marketers. This includes travel agency owners, independent travel advisors, travel writers, bloggers, and other content creators; hoteliers, airlines, cruise lines, tech providers, and so many more.

If you’re looking to get your marketing and brand act together, you’re in the right place.

We’ll Show You How… Or Do It For You.

MArketing Media

From thousands of photos you can use without fear to video content you can brand and use to drive more interest to your door, we’ve got all the media you could ever use across every destination, specialty, and style you can imagine.


Do you need help with your brand’s look and feel? From logo design to elevator pitches and everything in between, our experts can help you develop a clear, consistent, and compelling brand to elevate your travel business without breaking the bank.


We can help you put together a plan to get your brand more visibility in the press, more  traffic to your websites, and drive social media engagement without having to hire a cast of thousands to get it done right.

And Now, Something Completely Different.


We'll Make You Look Amazing

We can redo your logo, your social media sites, lead magnets, marketing collateral, emails… you name it. And we have the trophy case to prove it.


You'll Love working with us

We have simple membership fees, renewals, and pretty awesome welcome kits. You’re going to feel the love and the confidence that comes with having an entire marketing team on call for you.


you'll actually learn the how

Where most associations stop at just telling you why you should be doing something, we actually teach you how and give you the tools to do it. Otherwise, what’s the point?


we're your marketing lifeline

No question, marketing goal, or issue is too tough for our expertise. We can talk you through it and find solutions for you via our online support center. Even if it’s just a simple gut-check. We’ve got your back.

Rather Talk About It?

No problem! Schedule a few minutes to chat with us if you're unsure which of our membership programs are the best fit for you and we'll walk you through your best options!
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